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Our pastoral hamlet of Sugar Loaf, New York enjoys a rich community history dating back long before the "craft village" days of the late 20th century.
Our thick roots reach well into America's colonial era, when the village's situation along the Wawayanda Path, and later the Lehigh Hudson River Railway, afforded it a peculiar centricity which faded with the advent of the superhighway and eventually the stripmall.
The 18th - early 20th centuries found our hamlet a peaceful community of farmers, taverns, and ...well..."characters".
With the right kind of ears, you can almost hear their apple-jack wrought revelry on any crisp autumn evening.
This site is run by residents of our hamlet, from the colourful "craft village" inception of the late 1960s, to farther back: a time of rural 'speakeasies', hobos, a general store and a maple shaded main street of warm, harmonious residents.
Visit us often for updated info, photos, and accurate historical pages published by longtime residents.

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