Hummingbird Moth
Hemaris thysbe

Photo | Holly Wright
Field Research
Peter Warny
Science Director, NYNH
Research Associate, NYS Museum

Long House Creek, Bellvale, NY
(Orange Co.) October 2008
A Little About What We Do
The New York Natural History Council is a non-
profit, non-advocacy research and education
organization. NYNH contracts with consulting
biologists, naturalists and other natural history
specialists to survey a variety habitat types of
New York State.

Our ecologists hail from New York, and our
study regions range from New York’s montane
forests to the intertidal zone of Long Island’s
East end, with an emphasis on those marshes
and meadows that fall between these extremes.
Research & Educate
Urban Ecology is fast becoming a focal study
for the NYNH, as our educators lead guided
“Urban Safaris” ™ of Manhattan’s Central Park,
as well as studies of habitat of the boroughs
such as Queens County’s Alley pond and Bronx
County’s Bronx river.

In all regions and habitats, our emphasis on
behavior-neutral study remains constant:   We
employ (and teach) passive observational
techniques for observing focal species in their
most natural behavior.
NYNH educators and ecologists are available for leading eco-strolls and habitat studies for schools
and groups as well as for performing comprehensive habitat analyses for professional clients
requiring habitat evaluations and environmental impact statements.
We Are An All-Volunteer Nonprofit Organization
We volunteer our time and resources to research and protect New York's biodiversity. Any donations go
directly towards educational outreach, research equipment, and possibly a peanut butter & jelly
sandwich while we're out in the field.
© 2013   | NYNH  
© 2013   | NYNH  
The New York Natural History Council is a not-for-profit, non-advocacy org.
formed to further biodiversity research in New York State